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  • Overview

    World renowned speakers on all things Amazon FBA

    Danny McMillan


    Danny is a survivor of the former music industry and serial start up entrepreneur. For the last few years he has focused on Amazon FBA. He is also the host of Seller Sessions the advanced marketing show for Amazon sellers.

    Will Tjernlund


    Will has consulted for multiple publicly traded companies and spoken at various conferences around the world. Before becoming a consultant, Will sold over $10 million in inventory on Amazon with his brother Andrew.

    Anthony Lee


    Anthony is a published author and speaker on advanced Amazon marketing. As COO of Zonblast he has overseen the launch of over 2,000 products. Within the community Anthony is highly regarded by his peers for his data driven approach.

    Manuel Becvar

    Hong Kong

    Manuel is an expert when it comes to working with factories in China and he's well versed with the protocols, standards and product requirements involved in Amazon selling. Manuel also sells online and offline across the world..

  • Booking

    Access to the best speakers around the world in one easy to use place.

    As an Event Organiser

    We have the right speaker and booking for your event

    • Fill your event quickly and easily with top quality speakers
    • We find new talent regularly to keep your event 'fresh'
    • Easy to work with standard booking process
    • Terms and Conditions are standard to keep things simple
    • 'One throat to choke' model making your co-ordination of speaker to event easier and less costly in time and money
    • Global Speaker Directory with a long list of top quality, world expert speakers in all locations globally
  • About Us

    FBA Speakers is all about partnership

    Humble Beginnings


    At a speaking event in 2016 a group of speakers were having coffee at a café and talking about the gripes of sharing their knowledge because of the pains of getting to and arranging international speaking gigs.


    These world experts in Amazon selling are used to facing and tackling problems head on, and always look for a win-win outcome to satisfy all parties.


    The goals of FBA Speakers are:


    For Speakers: To make finding gigs and booking them easier for Speakers


    For Event Organisers: To give better and easier access to great speakers so they can put on more great events


    To find new 'Talent' and bring on the rising stars to keep the Speaker circuit fresh with new ideas for everyone